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Aging and Waking Up
Still younger than I am old,
yet I age each day
and I wonder what I am,
what I'm doing,
I know who I used to be,
but who am I now?
Changing, aging,
sometimes my arms feel longer than my legs,
my knuckles scrape against the ground
and I wonder if the scabs on my skin will
heal and fall off,
though as I fall down,
I know it will feel better to get up,
my heart continues to ache in ways I don't understand,
because being in love with life feels similar to feeling lonely,
so much to feel, to ache for,
it is more than a slow exhalation,
it is excruciatingly beautiful,
I am now more than sick of dreaming,
being alive is being awake.
:iconblackdahlia911:blackdahlia911 3 1
A Journal Entry on Love and Sleep Disorders
I have not written yet this year. I wonder sometimes if I am really alive. I am afraid of what I am because I do not know and not knowing makes me nervous. Anxious. Anxiety: a tight knot in the throat; a welling in the gut; a fast paced mind. My mind, my body. I know all of these aches so well they bring me comfort. I have been tired for so long that feeling awake feels extraordinary. My senses are heightened, I feel more, I cry because I find things beautiful, I get angry out of nowhere. But I do not mind, no I cannot mind for I'd rather feel everything intensely than not be able to feel anything at all. I was numb for so long that waking up has made every moment more passionate. I want my family and friends to understand how deeply I love them. I get overwhelmed by the intensity of love for my other half. There is a physical ache somewhere in my volcanic heart when I think of the way I love him. I could never have guessed this is what love would feel like in a waking mind. I would bl
:iconblackdahlia911:blackdahlia911 3 0
I. Crisp,
the way the lights come together,
though your lips part,
you make it easier to breathe when I can feel you exhale.
II. Blossoms on my forearms
and blood on my thighs,
when I see your soft smile
there is a welling beneath my ribs,
this sense of yearning where if honey were love,
I'd want to drowned you in it,
let the syrup sink into your lungs so you could breathe in my love.
III. While I met you when I was asleep,
when I heard your heart beat, I never felt more awake,
and now it's more than that,
I am alive,
the fog has cleared,
my skin is raw,
and clarity has settled in.
IV. The emptiness,
the void,
the aching in my chest;
I lost them all upon finding you,
for loss breeds new beginnings
and though this is foreign,
it also feels fresh.
:iconblackdahlia911:blackdahlia911 2 1
Nightmares, Light, and the Experience of Dying
I've got nightmares in my veins,
raw lips and peeled back skin,
you haunt me in the divide,
in the spaces in between,
cut me open,
open at the ankles,
my dreams will escape through my feet,
I once dreamt I was a wolf,
I was everything, I was nothing,
I was throaty growls and teeth tearing into flesh,
give me venison, give me rabbit,
fresh game on a November night,
what happens to the feeling when you decide to let go?
To give into instinct, to intuition,
finding a place where hunger defies rational thought,
I have always been more animal than human,
more carnivore than peacekeeper,
though I have found peace in the cycle of life,
born to die, dying all the time,
thus lucidity floods my mind
and I dissolve into the ocean of death,
but if I were to die now, would I then, truly come alive?
I am not afraid,
for what is death if not a way for us to come together again?
The light that finds me in the dark,
I, a moth, cling to the flickering flames,
to the dim lamp,
I grasp for light in a fiel
:iconblackdahlia911:blackdahlia911 3 0
After Dusk
There's something beautiful to longing,
and I have longed for you even before I met you,
my dear,
my darling,
the ache in my chest,
the spaces in between heartbeats,
no, love is not a lie with you.
:iconblackdahlia911:blackdahlia911 4 2
To Love a Wolf
I. Lust is a skin disease,
your skin on mine,
our forearms brush
and harmonies fall hard on our backs,
the air runs thick through our opaque paper lungs
as we move in forests of wild bamboo and ripened fruit,
there is an art to being succulent,
ready to be plucked from an orchard tree
as an apple,
as a tangerine,
as a cherry.
II. Love lies in the mind,
in the heart,
a subtle pull, a tug,
and I'm writhing on the floor in heaps of untamed emotion,
to say I love you?
no control,
the empathy rolls off my tongue like my own saliva,
I've started swallowing chameleon hearts to blend with the earth,
but you can still see me,
for I never fell for you,
with you,
I rise and have risen,
with you, a wolf, I have howled,
the moon has sewn your veins into mine
so not only is this passion, this is love.
:iconblackdahlia911:blackdahlia911 7 6
Carnivores and Lovers
The horizon melts down over my eyelids,
the hot oranges settle into my scalp
until I'm growing flames where my hair should be,
succulent pink flamingos dance among the sunset
and your tongue tastes of cherry wildflowers,
you've got that sweet maraschino blood
that I would love to bathe in,
feel the redness of the sea waters rise over
my pale thighs,
we ride the chills
and soak in the heat,
we're too in love to let go,
the manipulation, the anger, the fear
all have led me to this place,
I no longer live beneath a dulled mind and
muted lips,
I no longer need the rum to satisfy those lonely winter night
and I'd been aching for so long,
though it eased and it eased
as summer passed,
now it's as if I've been plucked from the graveyard
that lies in my own mind,
then you went and caught me in the midst of a rebirth,
you ran your moon carved fingertips
through my fiery fresh locks,
and now you're tracing over my arctic bones
like you want to remember every
icy indentation,
so snap me at
:iconblackdahlia911:blackdahlia911 1 3
To Begin
I love your skin,
the way it hums melodies against my own,
that warm buzz that exudes out your pores like honey,
but I love you for more than your skin,
I love your soul and the way it moves me,
the way your chest rises to fall again,
the way you make me feel like I've just begun in an ending world.
:iconblackdahlia911:blackdahlia911 2 2
A Rush of Blood, The Way Love Aches
I feel him feeling me
and then I feel him letting go,
fingertips slip away from my skin,
and my ribs are left with a ghost's impression,
vertical lines run up and down my thighs
and the sun kisses the small of my back,
my blood, oh, my blood,
it runs red as my sins,
my legs break at the synapses
but I can feel the moon putting me back together,
the darkness pulls me but I am no longer afraid,
something tells me I've been here before,
fresh meat, no longer fresh, but tender,
now I'm flipping through the pages of his mind,
but I've found his heart has it's own set of teeth,
for he has latched onto me with leechy fangs
that fall hard against my neck like torrential rain,
my body shivers under chemistry's touch,
helium, krypton, cadmium,
he melts me down,
the way his atoms interact with mine,
but science can't give reason for this kind of state,
the one where bodies are abandoned
and souls catch fire in a colliding wind,
I can feel his essence become mine
and I let go,
I don't need logic w
:iconblackdahlia911:blackdahlia911 7 3
The air runs thick through my windpipes,
empty chest, blank stares,
I sit down and watch you burn,
smoldering sunlit skin,
I cross my legs and light a cigarette off of your flaming flesh,
love is patient, love is kind,
but I'm a bitch,
with alligator blood and aching gums,
I take pleasure in knowing that it stings as you inhale,
your lungs collapse and now you're heaving on the floor,
I stand up and turn to go,
then my lips form into a satisfied wildcat's grin
as I blow the smoke off of your barbed wire bones,
this isn't science,
this is feeling,
and I'm feeling really fucking hot.
:iconblackdahlia911:blackdahlia911 0 2
The feeling drops out of my chest,
sunflowers run hot and ache upon my autumn tongue,
and so I keep on falling into the space where your lips meet mine,
I have been collecting memories of you in mason jars
except the memories aren't actually real,
it's as if we met in a separate time period
and we just found each other once again,
I can even fall asleep in the calm of your eyes,
charcoal rain storms and cold, cold lakes rest in your ability to see
and you see me,
it feels like that first kind of love that threatens you
because you don't want to know what it feels like to lose it,
vulnerability, please heal me now.
:iconblackdahlia911:blackdahlia911 1 1
Consuming the Night
I wake up,
the light is soft against my hollow bones,
though I no longer feel a void,
I feel the memories of last night
wafting above my wildbird skin,
his fingertips left freckles where they touched
and now I lie here with dappled flesh
as though I were an Appaloosa pony,
my blood pressure has dropped
and my heart is beating slow
for this is a whole new kind of calm,
the madness has eased
and I wonder, is it ok to feel this at peace?
is it ok that I no longer fear the carnival lights
that have lived for so long on the backside of my eyelids?
Then, at night, where I often feel consumed by the weight of darkness,
now I feel I am the one consuming the night,
I have swallowed the moon and spit up the blood of the sun,
because it feels good not to be afraid
and it feels even better to be alive.
:iconblackdahlia911:blackdahlia911 4 0
Scarabs and swarming skin,
I say the right things
but I'm not given a chance to feel them,
I love and I don't,
but I've never known love
except that I know that I've never had it,
I have ached and I have pined,
but this boy has gone and taken me by storm with his calm,
I trust him and I don't know why,
there's something in the way he holds me,
and I wonder,
is it ok to feel this much when I know so little?
I am scared but I am standing still,
my spine unzips and now my organs are on the forest floor,
my lungs fill with dirt until I suffocate beneath an earthly satisfaction,
and my heart beats in open air,
raw and tender and yearning,
I don't want to hold back,
but I don't know what I'm doing,
all I know is,
I find relief under the spell of his fingertips
and I find warmth in the curves of his smile,
his lips form a crescent moon
and in his eyes, I've never felt more like the sun,
I am happy,
so I'm saying goodbye to hanging on
because it's about time I learn
to let go.
:iconblackdahlia911:blackdahlia911 1 1
Sun Dirt Kisses
I'm getting used to
the way our lips
move together,
indentations and teeth,
there are inhalations
and then there are not,
his fingertips trace over my clavicle
and rake over my ribs like piano keys,
my hands find his hair
and I can't let go,
he presses his cheek to my palm with his eyes closed
and I can feel his skin sparking against mine,
I lose my mind and I lose my mouth,
I go to speak and nothing comes out,
then his lips form math equations
that seem only to be able to be solved
with a kiss,
the sunlight and the dirt holds us here,
so we fall into the arms of the earth
and I think I might be ok if it never let go.
:iconblackdahlia911:blackdahlia911 8 6
The thunder is rolling in thick,
it's time to embrace what I fear
instead of fearing an embrace,
the lights flash outside my window
and the sky growls and moans and roars,
the clouds let out heavy sighs through rainy lips,
I fall back, I fall back,
I've never understood what it means to be beautiful
but on nights like tonight, I begin to understand,
there is beauty in the way the sky aches,
the heat in the air and the trembling booms,
vision takes on a whole new meaning
as beams of raw moonlight kiss my eyelids
and lull me into a deep, slow sleep.
:iconblackdahlia911:blackdahlia911 8 1
What she asks me (to my sister)
She asks me why I'm crying
and I say it's because I miss you.
How can she not see that?
She tells me that the bird that flew into the house
was tied to her own symbolic death.
She gave up what she knew
but she still hasn't given up control
and so the world pushes her
and pushes her,
the house floods,
she breaks her toe,
she says it was pointing straight up to the ceiling,
she stepped on glass,
she doesn't sleep
and she doesn't sleep,
she calls me,
cries to me,
she misses the dogs
and she is angry because she doesn't understand,
but I don't understand either or at least  in ways she would want to hear,
I tell her I am here for her,
I tell her that I will never judge,
I wish I could make things ok,
but I can't fix this
and I can't make anything any better,
I can only listen and tell her I miss you
when she asks me why I am crying.
:iconblackdahlia911:blackdahlia911 5 4


night owl by bemain night owl :iconbemain:bemain 6,075 644
i didn’t realize that you were my sixth vertebrae
until i broke my
  ( i stepped through the cracks in the tunnel when you held my hand )
you skated out of the hospital like the ribbons
living in the edges of my eyelids -
i knew you were a dancer on the left stage of my Broadway
        right around the streetlights in my ribcage.
i switched my veins for electricity and my eyes for strobe lights
letting the vibrations shatter my sweet bones.
  ( we drove that car down i-75 at breakneck )
you shivered into my skin like hyperactive meteors
& i thought i was your polish girl [stretched into your cosmos]
displaced echoes crackled in my eardrums and under my pinky toe
 as Edison pulled the wires tight
and my veins ignited under your glow-in-the-dark smile.
      ( you were every photo on my camera)
:iconchancerox:chancerox 16 19
Caring is sharing by meganjoy Caring is sharing :iconmeganjoy:meganjoy 5,743 955 370000 by morganypie 370000 :iconmorganypie:morganypie 11 0
Rainy Sundays
Daily Deviation

In case you missed it, Escape Velocity was DD'd last Monday. That means I need to say hello to my new Watchers (hello!) and tell everyone to go give a high five to Nichrysalis :D I still kinda want to revise the piece, but knowing me, it's one of those things I won't do until ages later anyway.
All this attention lately has been strange for me. Ever since making my title poem project a news article, my pageview graph has been hitting the higher numbers. It makes me self-conscious :XD:
Well, it's midterm season. Last week I knocked out the American Lit. exam and tomorrow is Postcolonial Lit. American Dream is on Tuesday, but I'm very seriously considering dropping that class; I probably could be okay, but I really took too many hours this semester. If I'm going to drop a class, that one is my best bet. It's
:iconsilverinkblot:SilverInkblot 4 25
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United States
For anyone who still follows me on deviantart, I'd appreciate you checking out my new website:
It is my photography/art website for business.
I have also started up an art blog to go along with it on tumblr:
I posted some photos and a random poem just to get things started but I will post photos, writing, and paintings regularly if you are interested in following :) 



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